Randi-lyn Andrew & Family

Art Exhibition: Paintings by Randi-lyn Andrew

Feb. 14, 2020 Michelle Gillis, Library Coordinator

Elmworth Community Library is pleased to display some beautiful creations by Randi-lyn Andrew, now until March 6th.

Ranging greatly in size, composition, colours, subjects, even canvases - the paintings are a vibrant testament to the beauty and diversity of nature across Canada, while maintaining firm roots in the farm-family lifestyle Randi-lyn was raised to appreciate and committed to instilling in her own children.

The breathtaking paintings bring to life everything from cattle, elk, birds & insects, to historical homesteads and bodies of water. While most were painted on canvas, another nod to her farm lifestyle can be seen in Randi-lyn's TRULY unique creations; oil paint on FEATHERS!

Luckily feathers are easy to come by for Randi-lyn, who farms near Elmworth with her husband, three children, hundreds of sheep, many pets, and truly BELOVED birds. She shares the fun of farming and parenthoood on the Homemade Homegrown Homestead Facebook page, which is also used to support and promote the farm's activities like the sale of lamb, birds, even hatching eggs and chicks to customers from near and far.

A former Veterinary Technician and all-around good person, Randi-lyn is quick to offer a helping hand to friends and neighbours, DESPITE her overflowing to-do list ... and somehow still finds time to paint!

This local exhibition is on now until March 6th at Elmworth Community Library. Everyone is welcome to visit and take a look around. There is no admission fee, and no library card required.