Library Now Reopen!

Sep. 25, 2020 Michelle Gillis, Library Coordinator

We're so happy to welcome our patrons, friends & neighbours back INTO Elmworth Community Library. A lot has changed since we last saw you all in March, so, here's a quick re-cap of anything you might need to know prior to your next visit.

Please know that we are doing our utmost to ensure access to library resources while maintaining safety of staff and patrons. We have increased regular surface cleaning, implemented mandatory quarantine periods for ALL items at ALL transfer points, and increased staff hygiene and PPE practices. In addition to these steps, we require that patrons DO NOT enter the building if they:
- are experiencing ANY covid-like symptoms
- have been in contact with a confirmed case
- have travelled abroad within the last two weeks 

Peace Wapiti School Division requires that ALL visitors wear a mask and sanitize their hands when entering the building. There is a table set up in the school's entrance providing both to anyone who needs.

DURING SCHOOL HOURS: the doors will be unlocked; please stop at the School's Administration Office to 'check-in' with school staff on your way to the library.
OUTSIDE SCHOOL HOURS: the doors will be locked; please ring the doorbell located next to the door and library staff will be with you as soon as possible.

In order to ensure physical distancing is possible within our small space, our facility capacity is currently limited to ONE cohort or TWO individuals at a time. Private appointments are available at any time during regular operating hours, and walk-ins will be accommodated whenever possible. Please note that capacity limits MAY require visitors to wait outside briefly (until another patron leaves) before they will be permitted to enter. Making an appointment in advance will help to ensure you're able to access the facility when you wish, or in privacy if preferred.

Once you are within the library, masks are recommended (but not required unless you will be within 6' of staff or other patrons).

When visiting we ask that you:
- limit touching to any items you may be interested in looking at or borrowing
- place any items you touch but do not borrow, into the quarantine bins provided
- remain at least 6' or 2m from staff and fellow-patrons

Curbside pickup, e-resources, and 'virtual' assistance is available for anyone not able or willing to meet these requirements.

Please contact library staff to make an appointment, request an item via Curbside Pickup, or ask any questions you may have.

Phone: 780-354-2930