Laurie's Unique Antiques

Laurie's Unique Antiques Display

Nov. 01, 2020 Michelle Gillis, Library Coordinator

Another local artisan is bringing splashes of colour & creativity to the library this month. Laurie's Unique Antiques are on display now.

Laurie Gieb calls the work that goes into sourcing, choosing and arranging the perfect combinations of antiques, florals & greenery a hobby more than a 'job' or 'business', but maybe that's just because she has enough of those on the go as it is. Gieb and her family own and operate the Beaverlodge Butcher Shop, with locations in both Beaverlodge and Grande Prairie. You'll often find Laurie onsite at one of their locations, but even when you don't see HER, you WILL see a great selection of her aptly named 'Unique Antiques'.

A longtime resident of the West County region, Laurie lives between Beaverlodge & Elmworth with her husband and pets. When not giving old antiques a new lease at life, she enjoys spending time with her family, children and grandchildren.

All display items are available for sale, and custom pieces are possible. If you're looking for something specific; Laurie's got an eye for picking, and likely has JUST what you're looking for tucked away in the vault, ready to start its new life as a centerpiece / conversation starter in your home.

Laurie's Unique Antiques will be on display at Elmworth Community Library for the month of November, and on the 30th one lucky library patron will get to choose their FAVOURITE item from the display to take home. Monthly contests are open to ANYONE who engages with the library in ANY way throughout that month, so stop in for a visit, request a book, attend a program, share a Facebook post, or suggest a book for our collection and you could win!

Elmworth Community Library is open to the public Tuesday to Thursday 2-8pm, and Fridays & Saturdays 11am-4pm.
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